We are thrilled to introduce you to Chimpo World.
A streetwear brand that channels the vibrant energy of the 90s street culture, inspired not only by the hip-hop and skate communities but also by a childhood passion for cartoons and TV shows.

As a child, we were captivated by the colorful characters, captivating storylines, and the sense of wonder that cartoons and TV shows brought into my life. Those cherished memories have become a driving force behind Chimpo World, infusing our designs with a playful spirit and a nod to the animated world.

Born in Portugal, in 2022, Chimpo World emerged as a fusion of the 90s street culture and the vibrant imagination of childhood. We pay homage to the era when streetwear thrived, drawing inspiration from the authenticity and self-expression of the hip-hop and skate communities, as well as the creative essence of beloved cartoons and TV shows.

Driven by a passion for storytelling and a desire to celebrate individuality, Chimpo World has gained significant traction in a short time. Through social media, partnerships with retailers, and the support of musicians and artists, we've been able to connect with a community that shares our love for street culture and the animated world.

Chimpo World showcases designs that capture the essence of the 90s era and the vibrant joy of childhood. We invite you to join us on this nostalgic journey, where streetwear becomes a canvas for self-expression and imagination.

Thank you for joining us today as we celebrate the fusion of street culture, childhood wonder, and the vibrant world of Chimpo. Together, let's embrace our passions, tell our stories, and express ourselves boldly through fashion.